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Driveway Services


G & S Paving & Sealcoating offers driveway services of all kinds. Our goal is to provide our clients with an attractive, even driveway.

We offer driveway installation for homes without driveways. We’ll work with you to settle on a style and size for your new driveway, then install high-quality asphalt that will last for years.

We also provide driveway repair to keep your driveway free of cracks and holes. We can fill in any distressed or cracked areas to keep the area intact.

For larger holes, we recommend driveway patching. If you have a driveway with serious crumbling and structural issues, we may have to replace it entirely. We’ll work quickly to complete your driveway removal and get started with a replacement.

Contact us today for driveway services and other paving work in the Harrisburg, PA area!

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